Translation agency Prima Prevodi is organizing the 1st PRIMA Translation Conference

on 18th October 2019 in Belgrade, with the metaphorical working title of the conference:

‘Translations without Borders’.

The conference is organized by the translation agency Prima Prevodi, in cooperation with the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Alfa University (Braca Karic), where the daytime part of the conference is held.

The conference is, among other things, a fundraising event – all entry fees go to the account of Marija Milošević, a translator colleague who got her spinal cord injured in Tunisia a few years ago, but is still translates using the speech recognition software.

We kindly invite you to be a visitor and sponsor of this event that aims to, in addition to helping Marija, bring together translators, translation agencies and language students, as well as companies that often or constantly need translation services for their regular business operations.

In addition to focusing on the translation industry – which has a great potential for providing employment and innovation possibilities, (e.g. the possibility of IT industry development, in terms of designing adequate software that will be competitive in the European market) the conference  promotes:

  • entrepreneurial spirit,
  • innovative technologies,
  • the need for cooperation between the academy and the economy, i.e. strengthening the link between the market and education
  • SME development
  • continuing professional development

Take a look at the conference PROGRAM